The FIDIC-EFCA Consulting Engineering Industry Survey is organised by


The FIDIC-EFCA Consulting Engineering Industry Survey is developed, managed and published under an agreement with FIDIC and EFCA by, a component of Bricad Associates Sàrl, Switzerland, that groups Bricad's business development online activities.
Bricad Associates' offices are at 16, route de Founex, 1296 Coppet, Switterland.
The survey is managed by Peter Boswell of, a Bricad associate.
FIDIC is the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, based in Geneva, Switzerland, that represents globally the consulting engineering industry.
EFCA is the European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations, based in Brussels, Belgium, that represents FIDIC in Europe.


The survey was first published in its current form in 2014 as a survey covering the European Union Member States.
Prior to this it was organised as an annual survey by a FIDIC working group and released at FIDIC's annual conference.
The survey releases annual updates for the European Union which are presented at EFCA's annual conference and released to EFCA member associations.
The survey is currently being updated for publication in June 2019.
EFCA member associations are surveyed from time-to-time to confirm key findings. The next such survey is envisaged for April 2019.


The survey website is being moved to a wiki-style site to allow content and data to be consolidated for easy access.
Data visualisation uses the d3.js library and the site is powered by wiki.js, version 1.
The site is developed and managed by


For all inquiries, please contact Peter Boswell .

Updated February 2019