Detailing the 2020 update of the FIDIC-EFCA Consulting Engineering Industry Survey


  • Sector organisations in EU Member States have been asked to comment on Eurostat's NACE revision proposals by 14 August 2020. EFCA is coordinating a response. For Division M, draft recommendations for Member Association feedback to national statistic agencies are being circulated, see NACE 2 revision recommendations.
  • Status of the NACE Rev 2 update, see NACE revision
  • Response to Eurostat's request to EFCA to propose changes to the NACE Rev. 2 classification of economic activities, see NACE revision: final summary - PDF and report - PDF
  • Finalisation of 2019 Survey Update presented at the EFCA General Assembly Meeting (Dublin; 9 May 2019): Summary ¦ Presentation

Survey topics

The survey focuses on the demand for consulting engineering (CE) services in the European Union. The full report for the 2020 update (see Summary to be released January 2021 will bring together analyses and updates of the various survey topics.

Use of CE services

Investment created demand

Own-Account Design

Repair & Maintenance


Global investment

In contributing to development of the Sustainable Development Goal indicator 11.c.1 covering financial support for the construction of sustainable buildings, the FIDIC-EFCA Survey helps establish approaches to measure building investment.

Buildings & infrastructure


Earlier reports are available, recognising however that methodologies and the overall accuracy have changed considerably since the inital report published in 2012.


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